Tangible asset valuations in a new age

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This webinar is for those in businesses with tangible assets at risk. The session will benefit Insurance and Property managers, Risk Engineers and CFOs. Duff & Phelps will provide an insight into what the largest insurance carriers in the world are focussing on when it comes to tangible asset valuations. They are actively partnering with independent Global Advisory firms to access tools which provide clarity over insurable values, and which ultimately indicate how they can better allocate their reducing capacity. The Duff & Phelps team will discuss which key pieces of information should be proactively collected to support smart and efficient valuation methodologies. We will discuss the importance of collaborating with underwriters for complex risks, and how to make valuations work harder for your business. We will outline how tech-savvy global corporates are responding to the hardening market by budgeting for and commissioning smart valuations. Having up-to-date and concise data to present to the c-suite is crucial to secure prudent valuation budgets. The impulsive request for funds following a loss event is often very poorly received at board level! This session will also include an overview of the 2020 UK Commercial Property Valuation study and findings.

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