The US election as an emerging risk

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Super Tuesday March 3rd will be one of the most pivotal dates in the US Presidential Election campaign. This will set the tone for the rest of the Presidential race. Between February and June, elections - known as primaries or caucuses - are held in each state as the Democrats and Republicans choose their candidate to be the next president. Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination, despite facing competition from Bill Weld and Rocky De La Fuente.

But the Democratic race is far more contested.

Join Sam Wilkin Director of Political Risk Analytics, Willis Towers Watson US, and Dr Chris Oates, Founder of Two Landterns Advisory for the first of the short series of 2020 Airmic webinars to consider the issues and risks associated with the election and what every risk professional should know. 

Key topics: 
•    The impact of coronavirus on the contest
•    How the candidates would shape US policy
•    How the candidates would match up against incumbent US President Donald Trump
•    Emerging risks associated with the election and increasingly polarized US politics

Grouping title: 
2020 US elections