GDPR... a look back on the past six months

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The ever-expanding data privacy law landscape means companies can no longer hide if they wish to do business globally. Eventually, they are going to run into a law that they have to comply with - also, the growing legal footprint means companies can’t implement point-solutions to address compliance, they need to take a broader data governance strategy to be able to stay ahead of the game.

Scott Wilson, Ventiv’s Chief Information and Security Officer leads a timely discussion on GDPR and the global wave of data privacy and data protection law. Scott looks back on previous cases and review how data governance approaches can empower customers to be able to manage the data lifecycle and so be compliant where-ever they do business.

Scott touches on:

  • Large scale data breaches continue to top the news cycle including British Airways and Facebook
  • The ramping up of GDPR enforcement actions including the fines and closing of websites
  • The global groundswell & push for data protection & privacy laws
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