2018 Airmic member survey - key findings and hot topics

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In 2017, our members told us there was a need for risk professionals to upgrade some of their more traditional knowledge and skills and take a more progressive approach to risk management. They focussed on the key areas of: digital transformation; the balance between old and new skills; and integration of risk management across the business achieved by greater relevance and collaboration.

Risk professionals reported that they were up for the challenge to tackle emerging and increasingly intangible risks, to provide measurable results and more relevant risk financing solutions; and to play a leading role in crisis preparedness and response. They knew that a balance of the scientific and the artistic, the creative and the pragmatic was necessary, to deal with an increasingly connected world.

So what have been the “aha-moments” of risk insight, choice and decisions of the last 12 months? Find out more in this webinar

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2018 member survey