Q&A with Susi Ozkurt, Airmic's Event Manager

Published on Wed, 11/08/2021 - 11:05

The Airmic Conference returns in person on 5 – 6 October in Brighton with an agenda full of learning opportunities, thought leadership and innovative solutions. The health and wellbeing of delegates and partners is the top priority, however, and Airmic’s event manager Susi Ozkurt is on hand to answer some frequently asked questions.

For more information and to register for the Airmic Conference, visit the website here.

Airmic News: For obvious reasons the focus of the Airmic Conference this year is on physical meetings, a return to socialising and networking opportunities. How are you using the physical space to cater for this?

Susi: We have removed the seating areas from the exhibition hall to allow for exhibitors to cater for meetings at their stands. Our partners have also hired a variety of office space across the venue to cater for one-to-one meetings.

Airmic will host the official networking drinks reception off site on Brighton Palace Pier, at a bar called Horatio’s. We felt it was better to host drinks outside the conference centre in the fresh air. Fish and chips and fair ground rides will be on offer to delegates and exhibitors.

Covid is still a risk factor, so how do preparations aim to reduce or mitigate this risk, perhaps in terms of ventilation of internal spaces, use of external spaces, masks, testing, etc?

We are introducing Covid-19 conditions of entry that are designed to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19 and making sure that the venue has adhered to government guidelines on ventilation.

We will enforce face covering zones around the venue where there are congested pinch points, such as at registration, attending sessions, catering and private meetings. We are also exploring use of the NHS COVID APP which will provide you with a Covid pass based on testing and vaccination status and are following the government advise on using the app for the conference. The next update on potential use of the app will be mid-August.

As an event manager, how do you feel personally about a return to physical events?

Personally, I cannot wait for physical events to resume again. Our industry has missed them. With the Airmic Conference being one of the first conferences to return to physical I am so excited to see everyone networking and meeting up. We need to get back to some sort of normal and I am very proud that we are leading the way by putting on a physical conference. The research report from the government pilot test results are promising and proves that large events can proceed with certain interventions in place.

The health, safety and security of all who attend the Airmic Conference 2021 is our top priority. The Conference has been planned and assessed in line with UK government guidance for COVID-19 for “Events and attractions” in England. This guidance may be subject to change from time to time and we will continue to encompass these changes in our arrangements as necessary.