4th July 2024

Society now trusts scientists the most, compared to governments, businesses or the media, 38% of Airmic members surveyed said in this week’s Airmic Big Question. No respondent said society trusts governments the most today.

The results present a starker reflection of the 2024 Edelman Trust Barometer, which similarly found that governments are seen as far less competent and ethical than businesses – although the Edelman Trust Barometer also reflected concerns among their respondents that governments have too much influence on science and scientists.

Hoe-Yeong Loke, Head of Research, Airmic, said: “All in all, the results make for a sobering read in how much politicians across the political spectrum need to regain the trust of society at large – especially in the “year of elections” should have been a celebration of the largest global exercise in democracy in history.

The lack of trust in our leaders can pose a systemic risk, particularly in the midst of geopolitical turmoil and election interference by various actors. Trust is the currency that has sustained previous eras of economic growth and stability, and that is what all stakeholders should have an interest in fostering.

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