21st May 2024

44% have increased frequency and scope of horizon scanning, scenario analysis

In this “year of elections”, more organisations are conducting increased political due diligence – the Airmic Big Question survey this week found. Of the respondents, 44% said their organisations have increased the frequency and scope of their horizon scanning and scenario analysis exercises.

Hoe-Yeong Loke, Head of Research, Airmic, said: “Elections are scheduled weeks or months in advance, which at least provides the opportunity to plan ahead and prepare for impact of changes of governments.

More risk professionals and their organisations should review their supply chains and rethink their business strategy in this potentially destabilising ‘year of elections’.

Airmic will be releasing a new guide on horizon scanning, as well as a paper on geopolitics and the “year of election” at upcoming the Airmic Conference in Edinburgh from 3 to 5 June.

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We will be sharing the results of the Airmic Big Question with the press weekly.

You can also find the results here.

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Head of Media, Communications and Interest Groups, Airmic
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