27th March 2024

Airmic: Boards need to provide strategic leadership on AI

The topic of artificial intelligence (AI) is now on the board’s current agenda, said 78% of respondents in an Airmic survey this week.

This follows a 2023 survey by the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) in the US which showed that while 95 percent of directors acknowledge that AI will have a significant future impact on their businesses, only 28 percent of them said AI is a regular feature in their board’s discussions.

Julia Graham, CEO of Airmic, said: “When initiatives around generative AI originate at the top – at the board level – organisations see clear benefits from that strategic leadership on one of the key issues facing businesses today. Boards need to be confident and informed about the outcomes of AI decisions that can affect the lives and wellbeing of people in wide-ranging ways.

Hoe-Yeong Loke, Head of Research, Airmic, said: “AI has been flagged as an emerging risk for some time by our members’ organisations – their boards are discussing AI risk frameworks and risk assessments.

But they are also very focused on how they can use AI as a competitive advantage, partnering with AI organisations to evolve the way through which they deliver to their clients in a safe and meaningful way.

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