Hybrid model for a return to the office unveiled by Airmic CEO

Published on Wed, 11/08/2021 - 10:27

Airmic is ready to roll with its strategy for a hybrid, partial and carefully planned return to the office. Chief executive Julia Graham spoke to Airmic News to outline her vision for how this will work.

These “hybrid” plans are set for the week starting 11 October and will involve a 60:40 split of office to remote working for the majority of the Airmic team involving two days in the office and three days working from home.

“We want people to say ‘it’s a great place to work’ when they walk through the door. We’re reconfiguring the office to be a work environment people enjoy and an environment that people look forward to working from,” Julia says.

“That means things like keeping the fridge stocked, organising weekly lunches and social events, simply enjoying being back together again, as well as ensuring that health and safety,  remain front of mind.”

The same spirit applies to Airmic’s plans for the Airmic Annual Conference, planned for 5-6 October in Brighton, she explains, with members keen to enjoy the benefits of social interaction between peers, friends and colleagues that has been so sorely missed.

“We can be serious but fun, technical in places, as well as light-hearted in others,” Julia says. “I’ve learnt in my career that you can learn as well as have fun. You aren’t any better at your job by being serious all the time.”

“There’s no ‘new normal’ or ‘next normal’, it’s just normal we’ll live with. We shouldn’t waste what we’ve learned or forget the sacrifices that have been made. Let’s use this next chapter in our lives, to make the world a better place.”