First secure client-facing ‘open banking’ infrastructure for insurance clients to launch at AIRMIC

Published on Fri, 02/06/2023 - 07:56

Robert Bartlett, Co-Founder and CEO, Big Ticket, considers how shared data can help clients and the industry to innovate and cut costs.

Big Ticket is a revolutionary data platform - launching at Airmic 2023. Big Ticket is a shared industry platform that securely hosts corporate risk and renewal information and does so in a way that is focused on clients, as well as supporting data flow between insurers and brokers. This client-first approach has the potential to radically improve the corporate customer experience.

Formally backed by Airmic, a group of large global insurer and broker founding partners, Big Ticket allows the digital exchange of renewal data to take place in a secure environment. Four years in development, the platform has been designed to tackle key client and industry pain points; with the ambition of transforming the customer renewal experience at no cost to risk managers or insurance buyers around the world.

In banking, neutral digital infrastructure – combined with an ‘open banking’ model – has been the catalyst for industry-wide digital innovation. This is something the insurance industry has lacked until now. Big Ticket’s industry mandate is to put clients’ experience first, improve the efficacy of their data, and place the secure exchange of this data at the heart of the industry’s future.

You can find out more about Big Ticket at the AIRMIC seminar to discuss the project on Tuesday at 11.45 am - 12.45 pm, entitled ‘'A fast-track to data efficiency and security – banks can do it, so can insurance'’. Come and meet CEO, Robert Bartlett and President Ken Fraser to find out more.

AIRMIC has chosen to support the work of Big Ticket and Julia Graham, CEO of AIRMIC explains why:  “Big Ticket is a technology that connects every part of the global risk ecosystem and enables any insurance buyer to safely communicate with any broker or carrier using standardised, high fidelity and high-velocity data. For brokers, as well as policyholders, adopting the new infrastructure is essentially a no-brainer. It will deliver clear operational improvements, with insurers digitising a client’s property book at zero cost. For the market more broadly, Big Ticket also provides the infrastructure that all sides can use to add other lines of business in 2024 and build new products and solutions for established as well as emerging risks, allowing them to work together and drive innovation.”

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