Airmic publications to include annual survey, cyber, EB and broker tenders

Published on Mon, 30/05/2022 - 21:34

The Airmic technical team will be launching eight educational and thought leading publications at conference next week, including the 2022 survey and Explained Guides on general insurance, broker tenders and employee benefits.

The 2022 Airmic Survey is the biggest piece of work produced this year, titled Risk and Resilience in a Perfect Storm, and explores three themes – cyber, ESG and people – to see how risk professionals and their organisations are responding to them.

For the first time, there will also be separate break out Insurance Report from the survey, as well as the Future of the Profession report, published in collaboration with WTW.

“The Airmic Survey continues to deliver a unique insight into the views of our members of an ever changing risk landscape and a challenging insurance market,” said Hoe-Yeong Loke, Head of Research at Airmic.

“Unsurprisingly cyber, geopolitical, climate and supply chain threats are top of mind for risk professionals, but diseases and pandemic appear to be lower on members’ agendas.”

An Airmic Guide on cyber risk and insurance, published with McGill and Partners, will provide a toolkit to assist directors in understanding and keeping pace with the ever more complex cyber-related threats faced by the companies they serve.

A white paper titled Building National Resilience: Preparing the UK for Extreme Risks will be published summarising the key points made by Airmic in its submission to the House of Lords Risk Assessment and Risk Planning Committee’s inquiry and subsequent report titled Preparing for Extreme Risks: Building a Resilient Society, which was published in December 2021.

Airmic also continues to update its series of EXPLAINED Guides that prove particularly popular with members who are new to the professions. At Conference an updated Guide on employee benefits, produced in collaboration with WTW, will be released, while Mactavish have supported the production of Guides on The Purpose, Principles and Practice of General Insurance and Managing Broker Tenders.

A limited number of hard copies will be available to collect from the Airmic stand in Exhibition Hall, while digital copies will be available online from Tuesday, 7 June.