Airmic to introduce digital badges for CPD in 2023

Published on Wed, 03/05/2023 - 13:09

Airmic are delighted to announce the introduction of digital badges for members to recognise their learning and professional development.

Digital badges (often referred to as digital credentials, micro-credentials or e-badges) are a graphical representation and digital record of someone’s abilities and competencies acquired through learning.

Now commonplace, and the digital equivalent of traditional paper Certificates of Attendance and Completion or evidence of qualifications being gained, digital badges are visible, shareable and portable.

They typically contain meta data highlighting (where relevant) what it took to earn the badge, what was learnt, how it was learnt, what skills were applied, what competencies were gained and the CPD hours involved.

Digital badges therefore offer professionals a visual mark of competence, role credibility and commitment to CPD to proudly display on their online CV or social media profile.

Airmic will be issuing digital badges to members successfully attending or completing seven selected events or learning programmes in 2023 – the Captives Forum, fastTrack Forum, Business Excellence Programme, fastTrack Programme, AXA Climate School, ERM Forum and Leadership Masterclass Series.

If you attend any of the above and meet the attendance/completion criteria, look out for a badge winging its way to you at the appropriate time during the year to add to your social media profile and CV.

If you have any questions about digital badging, please email

Adam Ireland
Head of Learning, Airmic