Airmic Conference 2022 in video review

Published on Tue, 26/07/2022 - 17:00

An “intense” three days in Liverpool has been praised by Airmic partners in a special video review interview featuring Ailsa King, Chief Client Officer at Marsh, and Elie Hanna, Chief Distribution Officer for UK & Lloyd's at AXA XL, hosted by Commercial Risk.

Adrian Ladbury, Head of Content at Commercial Risk, moderated the 45-minute video session which also featured Julia Graham, CEO of Airmic, in which they reflected on the annual conference in Liverpool that took place in June.

“We had an amazing few events as Marsh in Liverpool and our client dinner was a lengthy event because it was quite clear that our clients not only wanted you to catch up with their Marsh team, they wanted to catch up with each other and that's something that has been missing,” Ailsa said.

“There's that strength and solidarity in really comparing notes and thinking about how different organisations are tackling the challenges they face. And I think that was one of the biggest benefits of an in-person, major conference this year.  It was fascinating to watch those dynamics play out.”

Elie said AXA XL was very happy with the attendance at the event, and the passion on show for the profession. He valued having face-to-face time again with clients.

“We tried to cover all lines of business, we had a series of very good meetings with clients and brokers and there were very important conversations taking place,” he added.

“People leveraged the Airmic opportunity, because we didn’t get the chance to be together at all in the past year or two.”

Julia also took the opportunity to explain further why Airmic had chosen the theme ‘Moving Forward Together’ and how she saw that embraced at the Conference and since.

“In the type of world that we have today, you can't work in silos,” Julia explained. “It's just not going to happen.

“So our big theme, underneath the surface, was collaboration, connecting and working with each other.

“The essence of what we wanted to deliver was this collaborative approach. You don't need to feel you're having a competitive disadvantage, for example, if we start to develop things like common data standards, common taxonomy, common ways of working.

“It's then what you do with the common ways of working that leads to the competitive advantage. I saw plenty of desire for that collaboration to happen and I came away feeling very uplifted that we were heading in the right direction with a view to developing things over the coming months and years.”