New Airmic website promises different look and greater ease of use

Published on Sun, 01/05/2016 - 23:00

Airmic’s new website will be live in time for the annual conference with a different look and feel, greater ease of use, more member focus and compatibility with tablets and smart phones.

Benefits will include the ability to manage membership of the association on-line. The months of June and July are when two thirds of members renew, and this will now be a lot easier to do via the website, which will be powered by the Countdown renewal tool. Anyone using the new site will be able to download free of charge two of Airmic’s most widely used research reports, Roads to Ruin and its sequel Roads to Resilience.

The website promises greater tailoring to individual needs, anticipating user interests and flagging up related items. The search facility has been strengthened, and it will be easier to join Airmic Academy sessions remotely. Airmic News will also have a new appearance.

Whilst people using smart phones and tablets can already access the existing website, they will soon have a version designed specifically for their devices.

The work has been overseen by IT Manager Rob Hayday, supported by a firm of external consultants. “The new website is designed to give members more information and more relevant information faster and more conveniently than before,” he says. “The site will be more intuitive and powerful, and much more personalised.”

The new website will be on display at the Airmic annual conference stand.


Roads to Ruin and Roads to resilience will be free to download.