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Adapt Ready

Service Provider
At Adapt Ready we help organisations transform risk into opportunities. Our ground-breaking risk intelligence platform combines the best of modern technological advances in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with the tried and tested traditional methods that have served businesses and insurers well in the past.

Our risk intelligence platform puts our client’s business data in context by delivering specific, relevant, and actionable insights in real time. Our use of big data analytics that cover literally trillions of external data points without relying solely on clients internal data is transforming that data with context and relevance that has not been possible until now. Adapt Ready is reshaping the risk intelligence market and refining the ability to create risk management strategies in an ever-changing world.

Our focus as a company is centred on complex business lines where we can make the greatest difference to our customers.

For the Global Supply Chain our product identifies interconnected risks in all relevant tiers. This insight benefits insurers writing business interruption coverage, risk advisers assisting in business continuity planning, corporate risk owners in mitigating their exposures, and financial institutions/investors in assessing investment risks.

For the Energy market we leverage internal AND external data to analyse diverse, dynamic exposures from offshore & onshore energy. Insights on specialty risks empower carriers to enhance their profitability, brokers to identify coverage gaps, and corporate clients to avoid costly losses.

It's not just technology that sets us apart, we have won numerous awards for this, such as the Insurance Times’ "Risk Modelling Technology of the Year" and "Excellence in Technology – Service Provider" at the Tech and Innovation awards. We have also won “Best Customer Service Product in Business” in the 2018 UK Customer Service Excellence Awards, showing how we put the needs of our clients first and highlighting our dedication to providing the best solution and service in our market.

+1 (347) 467-1211
1412 Broadway
21st Floor #2127
New York, 10018
United States
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