Health and safety metrics

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The effective management of Health and Safety risk should be an integral part of any business irrespective of sector and size. Senior executives, who face considerable liabilities from failures in the management of H&S are still caught out by loss events despite developing a suite of H&S metrics and assurance processes.

The question to be addressed is, therefore, how can H&S metrics evolve to provide new insights and stronger assurance of H&S in an increasingly complex business environment.

This session is highly relevant to anyone involved either in the risk or H&S profession, and those who have responsibilities for managing H&S as a line responsibility or reporting metrics to senior management.

This session will cover:

  • Moving on from traditional ‘rearward looking’ metrics, and understanding the difference between a complicated and complex environment and the challenges of managing H&S risk across both.
  • How to develop a ‘sense, feel and respond’ approach to H&S risk using data analytics.
  • How H&S metrics can be effectively used to support a robust Three Lines of Defence.
  • Our intention is that after this session you will be equipped to ask questions about the value provided by the H&S metrics in your business, and how you can exploit new approaches to build a more forward-looking H&S risk management capability.


Tom Teixeira, Partner
Tom has over 20 years risk management experience.  Much of his career has been spent focussing on helping organisations improve their performance through the application of a more pro-active and dynamic approach to risk management.  This has included risk based strategic planning and forecasting, Risk analysis and quantification, Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) reduction strategies including insurance and captive management, Governance, risk and compliance technology platforms.

He was a key author of AIRMIC’s 2017 Risk Appetite guide, January 2017 report: Ensuring Corporate Viability in an Uncertain World – providing a focus on the Viability Statement, the Institute of Directors’ 2012 publication: “Business Risk, A Practical Guide For Board Members”, and contributes regularly to the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and Commercial Risks Europe.

Marcus Beard, Associate Director
Marcus has 26 years’ experience in risk management, working mainly in transport safety risk management in the UK, across Europe, the Middle East and Hong Kong/China. He has spent most of his career so far on culture development, board safety and risk advice, leadership and governance and independent strategic review.

His current focus is “next generation risk management” developing a forward-looking risk capability leveraging the power of data analytics/machine learning. He has recently led projects with a railway in which machine learning was used to predict operational disruption from extreme weather events, and for a pharma company predicting the impact of COVID-19 on clinical trials.

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Health and safety