fastTrack: Protecting the value of your intangible assets - Safeguarding intellectual property

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Lloyd’s will introduce what intangible assets are, why they are so important and how a company’s risk owner/manager can protect their business. This will be a relevant session for risk managers who are interested in finding out more about intangible assets and how to protect IP. An exploration of how the insurance industry are innovating to help protect intangible assets will be provided. 

Lloyd’s will focus on why intangible assets are increasingly driving the value of companies and why it is important to protect these assets. Some research has indicated that up to 85% of a company’s value is derived from intangible assets. Practical case studies will be presented, demonstrating why insuring intangible assets simultaneously protects a company’s’ strategy. Lloyd’s will deliver implementable action points around how a company can appropriately protect itself.

There will be a deep dive into IP. This will investigate the importance of valuing IP, how to think about the associated risks and the steps for consideration in the IP life cycle. 

The Lloyd’s market continues to develop products that allow companies to transfer the risks associated with intangible assets. We will highlight the importance of protecting intangible assets and support risk managers in finding solutions that will provide significant value to their company. 


  • Rosie Denée, Thought Leadership and Product Development Manager
  • Pauline Giorgini, Innovation Associate
  • Ivan Spence, Innovation Associate

The Innovation Team at Lloyd’s purpose is to promote an “innovation culture” within the Corporation and wider market. The team is responsible for researching emerging market risks, trends and areas of market interest, exploring new technologies, methods and business mode in the Lloyd’s Lab and supporting the development of insurance products. 

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Intangible assets