fastTrack: The Insurance Act 2015 and its implications for risk managers

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This session will take you through the key provisions of the Insurance Act 2015 so that you can understand how this impacts the placement of policies and their wordings in practice.

The Insurance Act 2015 is the primary piece of insurance legislation in the UK.  

This practical session will look at:

  • The duties on the parties pre-contract and how a policyholder can best protect itself
  • the different remedies available to insurers in the event of a breach of the duty of fair presentation
  • how policy terms are categorised and what impact this has in the event that they are breached
  • what rights an insured has in the event of late payment of an insurance claim

‚ÄčBy the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Identify the requirements imposed on an insured by the duty of fair presentation¬†
  • Understand the remedies available to insurers for breach of the duty of fair presentation
  • Identify different policy terms and know the effect of their breach
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