Airmic LIVE - Managing workplace mental health in a pandemic and beyond – specialist advice you need

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Managing mental health in the workplace is at the top of most business leaders and HR team’s priorities. Employee mental health issues are not new, but the pandemic is a stark reminder of the challenges that organisations will continue to face in managing the mental health of their workforce.

As a business leader, what practical steps can you take to not only look after your employees, but also manage the financial and reputational impacts and mitigate the risk of long term mental health problems?

BLM and Efficacy (part of the CBT Clinics Group) will lead a unique group of experts who will join the dots between the clinical, legal and risk management of mental health in the workplace. Chaired by James Harvey, Partner at BLM, the experts include Professor Marcantonio Spada, Clinical Psychologist and Consultant CBT Practitioner at Efficacy, Shamira Graham, Director of Corporate Clinical Solutions and CBT Therapist at Efficacy, Richard Thomas, Vice President, European Risk Control Leader at Sompo International, along with BLM Partner Julian Cox.

The focus of the session will be: 

  • The cost to businesses of poor mental health in the workplace
  • Managing that risk and what it means for employee and organisational benefits
  • The risk, rehab, clinical and legal toolkit to employ the right interventions at the right time – targeted preventative and treatment interventions tailored to the environment of the business
  • How risk prevention feeds into claims defensibility
  • Key employment law considerations, including the protections afforded to employees under Equality Act 2010 and avoiding Tribunal claims.
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Airmic LIVE