Airmic LIVE 3 March: Reputation risk management - a new perspective

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Integrating AI-powered data analytics, consultancy and insurance 

Reputation is a broad subject that has a different meaning to different people. As a major intangible asset, reputation has grown to comprise a significant proportion of many companies’ entire value. The forces that affect reputation have multiplied over the past decade with the pace of change seemingly increasing by the minute. Changing demographics, falling public trust, rising state and non-state manipulation of public opinion and the exponential rise in both the quality and quantity of data are all factors driving a new reputational landscape for organisations to navigate. From cyber-attacks and customer abuse to terrorist incidents, the risk factors affecting reputation and brand resilience are growing. Risk and executive functions in organisations are under increasing pressure from stakeholders to protect their business from adverse reputational events and to be able to properly articulate strategy in this area.

During this session we will cover:

  • Why reputation risk is high on the corporate agenda
  • Findings from Willis Towers Watson’s global reputational risk survey
  • Factors driving the changing risk landscape
  • Steps organisations can take to manage and mitigate the risk
  • A brief overview of Willis Towers Watson, Polecat and Liberty Specialty Market’s new technology-inclusive solution. 

This combines AI-powered data analytics, consultancy and insurance risk transfer all in one place.

After this session you will be able to:

  • Identify your organisation’s reputational risk exposures and the potential impact
  • Explain the steps to managing reputational risk and minimising damage to your company’s brand
  • Appreciate why the holistic management of emerging risks like fake news, social engineering and perception manipulation will be critical to maintaining value
  • Improve your awareness of integrated reputation risk management solut
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Airmic LIVE