Airmic LIVE 3 February - Insurance market conditions - Claims

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Like any sector, the insurance market, insurance goes through periods of peaks and troughs. Is the current insurance market simply a result of supply and demand economics, or are there deeper and more systemic changes? The panel, moderated by Hoe-Yeong Loke, Research Manager at Airmic, will discuss the results of a recent Airmic Pulse Survey based on their recent experiences with claims, and perceptions of the future.

Watch this Airmic LIVE session online, where Airmic’s latest Pulse Survey report was released.


  • Alex Frost, Market Development Manager, Airmic
  • Scott Feltham, Group Insurance Manager, Compass Group
  • James Pryke, Partner, Lockton
  • Stephanie Ogden, Director of Distribution, HDI
  • Richard Sheridan, Director, Head of Corporate, Sedgwick
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Airmic LIVE