Airmic LIVE 22 September: Airmic LIVE 22 September - GDPR and adapting to the Covid 19 world

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Organisations that had only recently adapted to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in a pre-Covid world will now need to reassess and reapply the same GDPR regulations to an already very different risk environment. Furthermore, the Brexit transition period has ended, with implications for the state of data protection laws in the UK.

Join this Airmic LIVE session and learn about some of the very significant GDPR ramifications to this post-Covid new normal, such as the need to adapt cyber security measures to a working-from-home (WFH) environment in order to comply with GDPR security regulations, and the requirement to notify individuals following the now common ransomware attacks

Tim Smith, Partner and Head of TMT & Cyber Practice Group, BLM 
Nick Gibbons, Partner, BLM

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