Airmic LIVE - 16 December: Resilience

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2020 has been the year for resilience, during which organisations have faced a great deal of uncertainty and challenge. The continuation of COVID and with Brexit fast approaching and against a backdrop of a changing climate; resilience has never been more important to our organisations. Pressure is also coming from consumers and Regulators; forcing organisations to do more in planning for disruptive events. Operational Resilience in particular is emerging as the solution to many of our operational risk and resilience challenges.

This session will explore the concept of Operational Resilience and its relevance to a wide variety of industries, not just those delivering financial services. The resilience of our organisations depends upon much more than a having a good Business Continuity Plan. It involves the collective effort of a wide range of risk management disciplines, all working together to reduce disruption risks and to help an organisation adapt in the face of change. James’ session will cover:

  • What operational resilience means, and what the role of the risk manager should be in helping to achieve it.
  • What resilience means to an Executive or Board.
  • How organisations are implementing operational resilience and what ‘enough resilience’ looks like.
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Airmic LIVE