Airmic LIVE 13 January: The pandemic crisis - what did 2020 teach us

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At Airmic Fest in September 2020 Airmic ran a successful seminar focussing on pandemic crisis management. At that time, we were on the cusp of a second and serious pandemic spike in the UK and organisations were once again asking their people to work from home where they could. As we enter 2021, whilst we are spurred on by the optimism created by successful vaccines, we are in the storm of a third pandemic spike, and we are being instructed to work from home where we can.

We’re delighted to welcome back three of the panellists from September who will be joined by a new panellist:

  • Ludo Van Der Heyden: Chaired Professor in Corporate Governance & Professor of Technology and Operations Management (Emeritus) INSEAD
  • Philip Songhurst: Director, Control Risks
  • David Lanfranchi: Risk Manager, CSM Sport & Entertainment and an Airmic member
  • Benedict Burke: Chief Client Officer, Global Client Development, Crawford

Benedict will join our panel and refer to a new report published by Crawford: Responding to a market in flux: What does the pandemic mean for the insurance industry?

This session will address what are we still learning from the crisis and how should we reflect on these lessons as we start and travel through 2021:

The panel will share their thoughts through the lens of:

  • Country response
  • Crisis response
  • What the pandemic means for the insurance industry
  • The role of the risk professional
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Airmic LIVE