Airmic LIVE 10 March: Lifting the lockdown - The facilities return to work roadmap

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In this webinar hosted by Airmic Partners Belfor and Glen Abbot, we will explore managing the risks associated with buildings and facilities returning to work, following the most recent lockdown. We will consider solutions and approaches organisations can take to manage these risks and minimise potential further business interruption. We will also provide expert insight and advice around how to re-open / re-start.

Specifically these subjects will be covered:

  • Understanding the risks posed to buildings and facilities
  • Cleaning approaches including 'Reoccupation cleaning', 'Preventative and precautionary measures' and 'Incident response'
  • Re-starting/Re-opening planning and advice

After this session you will be able to:

  1. Identify the steps to take in identifying the risks associated with returning to buildings and facilities following the most recent lockdown
  2. Explain alternative interventions to manage these risks
  3. Consider contingency options in the event that before or during return plans are disrupted
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Airmic LIVE