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WEBINAR: Protecting the value of your intangible assets

22nd July 2020 10:00 – 11:00

This is a virtual event that will be held at the following link:

Lloyd’s will introduce what intangible assets are, why they are so important and, how a company’s risk owner/manager can protect the intangible assets of its business. This will be a relevant session for risk managers who are interested in finding out more about on intangible assets are and how to protect the 3 broad intangible asset categories of: Reputation, Human Capital and Intellectual Property. They will get an inside view of how the insurance industry is innovating to help them protect their intangible assets.

The session will give a general overview of many forms of Intangible asset and then will deep dive into the three broad categories. Lloyd’s will also focus on why intangible assets are increasingly driving the value of companies and hence are important to protect. Some research has indicated that up to 85% of a company’s value can be derived from intangible assets. Practical case studies demonstrating why protecting intangible assets protects company strategy will be explored will be. Lloyd’s will refer to a checklist and 5 actions that a company can take to ensure intangible assets are appropriately protected and any significant risks associated are covered.

The Lloyd’s market has and is developing products that help risk owners covering their intangible assets. It is our hope to provide guidance when protecting intangible assets, pointing risk managers in the right direction when it comes to covering assets that provide significant value to their company. 


  • Trevor Maynard, Head of Innovation 
  • Pauline Giorgini, Innovation Associate
  • Ivan Spence, Innovation Associate
  • Disha Ramdenee, Innovation Associate

The Innovation team at Lloyd’s purpose is to promote an “innovation culture” in the Corporation and wider market. The team is responsible for researching emerging market risks, trends and areas of market interest, exploring new technologies, methods and business mode in the Lloyd’s Lab and supporting the development of insurance products. 

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Add to Calendar 2020-07-22 10:00:00 2020-07-22 11:00:00 Europe/London Airmic academy: WEBINAR: Protecting the value of your intangible assets The innovation team at Lloyd’s will be presenting a deep dive into protecting intangible assets. If you are interested in finding out more about intangible assets and learning about some practical steps on how to protect them going forward, please join us for this commercially focussed session.
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