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WEBINAR: fastTrack - Analytics in action - interactive learning

28th May 2020 10:00 – 11:00

Due to the coronavirus, this academy will now be broadcasted. Please register to attend online here:

Analytics in Action is a session that explores the inputs and outputs into catastrophe models, key components in evaluating the risk associated with an insurance or reinsurance policy. This session is relevant for folks in the underwriting and insurance/reinsurance space but is also catered to risk managers or consultants that analyse and seek to quantify risk.

Attendees will get an inside look at the catastrophe modelling framework (particularly relevant in today’s world of pandemic, tropical cyclones, and earthquakes!) and understand the data and analytics that drive these tools. As is the case with most models, the motto ‘bad data in equals bad data out’ holds true in this session as well. The team at AIR will explore and analyse key data inputs that influence model results and ultimately inform decisions that are made. 

Regardless if you work in the catastrophe modelling space or not, this session seeks to educate attendees on methods for maintaining an analytical mindset in the context of risk management.

Who it is relevant for

  • Underwriters and UAs that deal with catastrophe model output 
  • Exposure management and cat modelling teams
  • Risk managers or consultants
  • Analysts and newcomers to the insurance/reinsurance space

Learning objectives

  • Understand general catastrophe modelling framework
  • Importance of accurate input data into models
  • Ability to leverage model output for key risk management decisions

Learning outcomes

  • Maintaining an analytical mindset when it comes to risk management
  • Understanding the importance of data and how to make full use of the data
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Add to Calendar 2020-05-28 10:00:00 2020-05-28 11:00:00 Europe/London Airmic academy: WEBINAR: fastTrack - Analytics in action - interactive learning Catastrophe models are an important part of the risk management vertical. Join Tom and Boyd from AIR, one of the leading cat modelling software companies, to learn about the key elements in a catastrophe modelling workflow as it fits in the U.K. and global insurance space. Tom and Boyd will explore ways to effectively interpret model output and the importance of accurate input data for downstream decision-making!
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