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WEBINAR: Academy - Reducing Road Risk with Telematics and Integrated Camera Tech

27th July 2021 10:00 – 11:00

This will be a live streamed session, please use the following link to join. 

As the use of telematics becomes more commonplace, attention has turned to how best to use the data that this technology creates to proactively improve driver behaviour and reduce road risk. At HDI, we have developed a sophisticated data analysis programme that empowers us to share useful and meaningful insights with clients to truly understand how to improve their drivers’ behaviours for the benefit of all road users and our insureds.

With telematics and the capture of over speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, over revving and excessive idling events, a detailed understanding of a driver’s behaviour can be generated and used to design training interventions to improve their driving. Telematics are now going a step further and integrating front, rear, side and In-cab facing camera technology to provide a more in-depth view of driver behaviour.

Many of our clients are performing well on the road and achieving good performance scoring based on the standard telematics events. However, the majority of our client’s incidents stem from what we call the Avoidable Incident: hitting objects/property, hitting third party parked vehicles, client reversing, hitting a third party in rear, loss of control and client changing lanes. Most of these incidents occur through driver distraction.

With camera technology, we are better able to capture these incidents and with recent AI developments, can pro-actively engage the driver in these circumstances. The AI camera can now identify what is causing the driver distraction in the cab and prompt the driver in real time. The Avoidable incidents can now be pro-actively targeted.

Join this session to learn more about how telematics and integrated camera technology is revolutionising the world of fleet management, and to understand how this could change your organisation for the better.


Dron Kyle, Motor Risk Engineer, HDI – UK & Ireland

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Add to Calendar 2021-07-27 10:00:00 2021-07-27 11:00:00 Europe/London Airmic academy: WEBINAR: Academy - Reducing Road Risk with Telematics and Integrated Camera Tech HDI Global invites you to join our interactive Academy session on Motor Fleet telematics and integrated camera technology to learn how using this technology can dramatically improve driver behaviour, fleet running costs and fuel efficiency. This session is open to all with an interest in fleet risk management.
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