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Supply Chains under stress: Geopolitics, Regulation & Sanctions

30th November 2023 8:30 – 11:00

Impact of geopolitics on supply chains? Huge. 

•    Putting access to important suppliers at risk.  
•    Making it difficult for suppliers to meet quality and delivery commitments. 
•    Limiting supplies and access to raw materials.  
•    Pushing prices up.
•    Complicating logistics…

Which of these (and other) risks can be effectively mitigated through insurance?  And which cannot? 

Supply Chain has seen a lot of shortages in recent times, but there has been no shortage of geopolitical developments greatly complicating supply chain management. E.g.:  

•    Russia / Ukraine war,  
•    Tensions with China,
•    Conflict in the Middle East,  
•    Government coups in Africa, 
•    Sanctions / bans / restrictions and  
•    Tariffs. 

In addition to the specific impact from individual developments, there is an exponential-risk effect.  Part of this exponential risk stems from a lack of understanding of hidden dependencies and potential asymmetrical responses in global supply chains.

Learning Objectives -

  • Identify key Supply Chain geopolitical risks.
  • Describe key areas of impact of geopolitical risks on companies’ supply chain operations.
  • Discuss the effectiveness of insurance as a geopolitical risk management tool for Supply Chain.


Andrei Quinn-Barabanov, Supply Chain Industry Practice Lead at Moody’s Analytics

Nicola Passariello, Financial Crime & Third Party Risk Management Industry Practice Lead at Moody’s Analytics

Hugo Veazey, Financial Crime Compliance Industry Practice Lead at Moody’s Analytics

Moodys RMS
The Minster Building
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