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Airmic Live: Cyber Market Update: Discover the Top Trends of 2024 so Far

17th April 2024 12:45 – 13:30

A cyber attack or data breach ranked number 1 as the most challenging risk for organisations in Aon’s 2023 Global Risk Management Survey, undertaken by over 2,000 participants. The need for forward looking cyber resilience strategies remains imperative to protect financial, operational and reputational risk.

Spencer Lynch, Head of Cyber Solutions UK and Alistair Clarke, Head of Cyber Broking UK will explore cyber market trends and share how you can make better informed cyber risk decisions

The session will cover 3 key themes;

  1.  The current cyber risk landscape. The threat landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, Aon will explore attack trends and predictions as well as impacting factors in the macro-environment.
  2. Coverage trends. Aon will analyse how the market is responding to the changing risk landscape, what you can anticipate from this year’s renewals, and how best to prepare.
  3. The trajectory of the cyber market. Looking ahead, Aon will discuss what you can expect from the UK cyber insurance market and the steps you can take to build cyber and business resilience.

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the current threat landscape in relation to cyber risk.
  • Explain how the cyber insurance market is responding to the changing risk landscape.
  • Recognise where the cyber market may be headed in the next half of the year.
  • Identify current trends being seen in the UK cyber insurance market.

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