Access to the corporate culture toolkit

Airmic thanks QBE, who have shared their Risk Culture Profiling Tool with Airmic, having developed it to assist organisations in addressing risk culture in a practical way and with a clear business benefit in sight.

The tool can help organisations evaluate their risk culture management through comparisons with best practice indicators and behaviours. It allows management to understand the culture of their organisation as it currently stands and gain insights into best practice for developing an effective culture.

The tool is free to use for Airmic members. To apply for access to the tool please complete the form below.

You will be sent an invitation from QRisk to access and complete the profiling exercise. This is for single completion by a business for benchmarking purposes. If you wish to use the tool for something more in-depth such as comparison between locations or employee groups / levels, please contact QBE on, and they will be happy to set up a program for you.

Before applying, please read ‘The importance of managing corporate culture’ which explains how to get the best use of this tool.

Culture toolkit