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Water damage risks for engineering & construction projects

7th September 2017 10:00 – 13:00

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HDI Global offices

Workshop overview:

Following the session, attendees will, with respect to construction projects that are new build or refurbishment works will have gained an understanding of:

  • Sources of unwanted water
  • Potential damage and consequential impact
  • Mitigation
  • Industry considerations
  • Good & bad practice
  • Guidance documents

Who should attend?

  • You will be interested in this workshop if you are a risk or insurance manager with some experience on being in a client capacity for refurbishment and new build projects or if you work for a contractor who would undertake new build or refurbishment projects but wish to enhance and develop your understanding on this topic
  • You will be interested in this workshop if you are relatively new to risk and insurance management (with less than 10 years' experience) and wish to improve your understanding of this topic

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding of projects - refurbishment and new build, and risks to the project from water
  • Understanding of sources of water damage
  • Understanding of mitigating factors that can be utilised

Attendees should be prepared to talk about:

  • what experience they have with refurbishment or new build projects
  • whether they would be in a client position i.e. employing contractors - or in a contracting position i.e. undertaking the works.
  • what they hope to gain from the seminar
  • experience of water damage in a personal or professional capacity.


Mark Allan MEng CEng MICE, senior risk engineer, HDI Risk Consulting

18 places available
10 Fenchurch Street
London, EC3M 3BE